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AwakeU - THE Elite 10 Week Course

2018 IS SOLD OUT! AwakeU allows 250 participants per year.


We take Young Adults and Make them Leaders

Program Description

The Developmental AWAKEU Mastermind Course is a practice-driven advanced program for Adults ages 19-24.  


Learning Outcomes
During the 10 week Developmental AwakeU Mastermind Course, you can expect to:

  • Expand your understanding of development beyond merely ego & identity stages.
  • Offer developmental thinking and mindset changes that is grounded in demonstrated competencies, behaviors and skills.
  • Sharpen your ability to work with the messy details and fluctuations in yourself and turn them from pain to lessons.
  • Foster a new level of intimacy, understanding, acceptance and change within yourself.
  • Develop your skills at “micro” developmental thinking.
  • Become more adept at assessing both yourself and mastering the “hand scan” for immediate change when past triggers try to breakthrough. 


Participants will also learn to work through:





PTSD avoidance 


Leadership Development 

Personal Branding


Reality vs Perception

Mindset Countol

Motion breeds Emotion

The Power and Control of Decisions

Outcome Thinking

Mind Target Training 

Idea to Action with no Hesitation 

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Awake U allows 250 participants per year.

Live Course Schedule:

All Class Links emailed Monday’s 10am EST 

  • Course materials will be provided in a private course website.
  • Classes will take place using the interactive video platform; all sessions will be recorded.
  • Weekly live chat or phone call coaching sessions will be scheduled in advance.  Participants will receive 3 live 45min. coaching sessions per week

Create a future of your own design, not limited by the past. Move the notion of possibility from an abstract idea to a day-to-day living reality.

  • Develop a facility for recognizing things as they really are—distinct from your hopes, preferences, and fears
  • Step outside familiar and habitual ways of thinking to invent whole new perspectives and approaches that lead to new ways of being and acting
  • Design a future from the future, not limited by the past
  • Move the notion of possibility from an abstract idea to a day-to-day living reality

Rather than being limited by who you’ve considered yourself to be, opportunities for being and acting will powerfully show themselves. With this clarity comes a new power and freedom giving you hands-on access to a world that’s open to being invented. Your vision and goals begin to emerge and flourish—to invite a plan of action that allows you to make the difference you’re out to make. Conditions and circumstances begin to reorder and realign themselves inside of what you stand for. You’ll have the freedom to choose a richer and more expansive game and meet the call of possibility bigger than yourself.


June 11- August 20   2018

Courses Taught By:

All coaches are triple certified award winning Master Life Coaches with over 43 years of combined personal development work. 

Weeks in a Glance

Below is a brief description of what each LIVE Coaching session will be per week:

Week 1


Includes 10 week IIN (integrative nutrition) meal plans workout plan to create routine and drive.  

All meals will be based on an organic and non processed diet.  Alcohol use will be limited to none. 

Week 2

Motion leads Emotion

Week 3


Week 4

Decide what questions to Ask

Week 5

Asking questions

Week 6

Idea to Action eliminating Hesitation

Week 7

Healing past decisions

Week 8


Week 9


Week 10- Summary and Practical