When organizing an event, having the right speaker makes or breaks the affair. Choosing the perfect fit is imperative as that person connects and ultimately leads your audience into action.

Researching the general audience and acquiring a full understanding of the target objective for the event is essential in delivering a positive outcome. As well, a speaker should be passionate and knowledgeable about your event’s focus and message.

If the speaker accomplishes this connection point, your event will be a hit, and the return on your investment will be tremendous.

Some topics that I’m requested to speak about:

  • Sales
  • Professional Success
  • Personal Growth
  • Team Development
  • Productivity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Much more!



Personal and leadership development is vital to any organization. From the c-suite to the new hires, each and every employee needs to make decisions quickly and accurately.

Whether you want to inspire an individual with effective leadership proficiencies or increase the leadership skills of an entire team, my seminars facilitate every form of progress.


Mastermind Groups bring together like-minded people who are dedicated and motivated to making effective and lasting changes to their lives.


At 30 minutes to 1 hour to 90 minute, Lunch and Learns are perfect for quick educational sessions over lunch time breaks.


Workshops and Seminars are an excellent way to engage and equip your team with the tools required to move towards and fast track success.


Company retreats cultivate a team unity focused on elevating their abilities to work at maximum efficiency.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

When organizing an event, great attention should always be given to finding just the right motivational keynote speaker. I have been apart of many events and have seen the success and failures attributed to just the speaker selection. Hiring the right speaker is imperative because it is they who will connect and lead your audience into action.

When a speaker makes that connection it is powerful. He or she is able to then inspire and motivate the people towards your objective. However, to gain that connection is not by luck. It takes full intention.

Researching the general audience and acquiring a full understanding of the target objective for the event is essential in delivering a positive outcome. As well, a motivational keynote speaker should be passionate and knowledgeable about your event’s focus and message.

If the speaker is able to accomplish this connection point, then your event will be a hit and the return on your investment will be tremendous.

Here’s a short list of what you can expect from me as we work together for your next event:

  • Timely replies to your calls and emails.
  • A personal phone consultation before your event, so I can better understand how to connect with your audience and target your objectives.
  • An announcement about your event on my site and social media platforms.
  • A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  • A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

Speaking Sheets

Toni Speaking Sheet (pdf)


Lunch & Learn (pdf)


Top Talks


There are patterns in human behavior. There are things, that if you do them, you will feel incredible. And the same is true that if you continue with other patterns, you’re gonna feel depressed, anxious, hopeless, overwhelmed and hopeless.  Learn how to identify those patterns and SWITCH them up to have them work for you vs against you. 



Did you ever wonder why so many people have such success but others have such failures.  Uncover your reaction to what you perceive as FAILURE and reverse your perception to outcome, focus and action.


Live a Happy life on your terms.

Happy Employees and Happy People.  The challenge is, everyone says they want to be happy but they no idea what happy means to them.

In this fun, light and interactive seminar, discover what it truly means to be happy and how to take MASSIVE action towards obtaining personal and professional happiness. 




How to take idea to action and eliminate  hesitation and doubt. 

Good vs Bad Questions

Communication is the direct link to the quality of our lives.  And we can't make a decision without first having a question.  Asking yourself good questions vs bad is the first step towards success.  

Identify what questions you ask yourself and then how to switch them from good to bad. 

Pain vs Pleasure

Our brains are designed to do two things, keep us out of pain and closer to pleasure.  In this seminar, learn how to identify and redefine your pain vs pleasure response and change your habits, patterns and behaviors immediately.  

You CAN'T or you're Scared?

The way we speak to ourselves is more powerful than you think.  Change fear into courage with one switch in mindset. 

Rid yourself of Limited Beliefs

What are your limiting beliefs?  Are they precise?  What have you convinced your brain of?  Are your values and beliefs in conflict?  Reverse disempowering limited belief thinking to the ultimate level of self awareness and empowerment.  

Compelling Reasons... Reasons come first!

It does not matter what you "want" or "deserve" in life, if you don't master and uncover a compelling reason why, the chances of you reaching and sustaining that goal are slim to none. 

Learn your outcome and design your compelling reason.

Reasons come first, goals come second. 

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Experience Toni Live

As a premier Speaker for audiences as large as 2,000—Toni energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them, retrain their mindset and take action.  Participants and clients praise her ability to teach, motivate, inspire and push them hard in one single session or seminar and results happen immediately. 

Toni never tires of using her energies to help improve the lives of everyone she meets. 

Toni's straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy, motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and challenges, and into their peak life in many ways. Toni does not just talk the talk, over the past decade, Toni has expanded her career and has become a 3 time Master Life Coach, a 2 time Master Mindset Strategist and a 5 time certified coach in emotional intelligence.  She is committed to her own personal growth and trains her brain daily to master new patterns, habits and routines. 

Her sincerity,  charisma, warmth and humor have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.

Coach Toni is one of the most sought after mindset strategist with clients ranging from youth and teens to celebrities and CEO's.  

Her dynamic personality, endless knowledge and commitment to teaching you how to take action,  has landed her on multiple syndicated and non-syndicated television shows, most recently Bravo's Real Housewives of New York and Real Housewives of Orange County.  She has been guests on dozens of podcasts, radio shows and training videos and was a monthly contributor for multiple magazines such as Sports out Loud and Compete. Toni is now currently in Production starring as the Lead Life Coach in the upcoming Television Show, Get Real due out in the winter of 2018.

"The desire to be all you can be exists in every soul & I facilitate that desire for a living".  Coach Toni


"She walks into a room and her energy just hits you.  Always smiling, always laughing and always positive, she is truly infectious.   She will make you laugh and cry while getting you to purge whatever it is that's holding you back from reaching your ultimate purpose and goals in life.  

Toni was brought in to increase morale within the production office and develop more of a "TEAM" attitude.  She had the entire audience of 520 employees from various freelance departments hooked within the first 20 minutes of her 90 minute seminar.  Toni broke down why we do what we do and what steps and strategies to take to realign how we meet our needs.  It was awesome.  The ENTIRE group not only walked out feeling more united as a group, but also more self aware to take steps towards bettering themselves personally, which of course, resonates in the office.  And to top it off, she was so real.  So honest and so clear.  She walked on stage and she was not talking "at" us,  she was talking  to and "with" us.  I highly recommend Toni."

                      Abbe Jane, Producer

"If you have not experienced Toni live you are missing out.  She walked out on stage and I felt like I was at rock a concert.  She is simply put, incredible. I took all of her suggestions and feel amazing!  I can not believe what a power house she is.  I laughed, I cried, I took notes and I felt empowered to make a move towards personal growth.  You know what was so great about Toni, she was real.  No hidden agenda, just straight up and real.  She gets you not only thinking but she gets you doing."  Anthony Jacobs, CEO

"I have organized events and hired speakers around the globe for 15 years. When Toni was referred to me, I was hesitant.  She didn't "look" corporate, she didn't send me pictures of herself in a corporate attire and she was not trying to be someone she was not.  That resonated with me and I knew it would resonate with the 1500 audience members I had.  Needless to say, she knocked it out of the park.  She was professional and delivered the most well received seminar about Personal Development that I have ever heard.  We will be having her back for our annual meetings and people are still "quoting" her around the office.  Take a chance on this girl. I have a hunch she will be the next big thing very soon."

Andrew Warner, CFO


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Toni's SWITCH event is the Top Selling Event.  

Please allow up to 24 hours to hear back from a scheduling manager and book your event.  

Request a full list of Seminars, Workshops, Talks and Lunch & Learns

Why Toni

"Toni simply makes sense"

"Toni is passionate about her lives work and shows up with energy, excitement and clarity.  When Toni walked into our conference room, without even a word, the audience was captivated by her.  It was refreshing to have someone so passionate, so innovative and so real make such an impact on our meeting.  I can admit, it was not what I expected.  She blew me away.  And I am an old stick in the mud."  

S. Carroll.  FORMER CFO Chrysler 

"I walked away with a plan on how to take massive action and control my life"

"Toni knows how to connect with her audience and bring out a level of enthusiasm and direction to each listener.   I laughed and I took pause, many times.  She knows what her audience needs and she delivers.  She is coming back next year and I can't wait."

John Wolfing,  Managing Director

"Toni had every student in the assembly smiling"

In the Media:

Toni has been featured on  Fox5 NYC, FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia, ABC Morning Show, ESPN 2 HOT SPOTS, Bravo TV as highlighted Celebrity Coach and multiple training videos. 

In Writing:

 Sports Out Loud, Mind over body,  2011-2016

Compete Magazine,  Monthly Feature 2012-2017

Philly Fitness, Think and Be it  2014, 2016

On the Air:

Podcast Net One, Know how and become  2016

Toni is currently in development for Get Real, life and performance coaching.