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Coach Toni is an experienced and infectious speaker.  Toni will keep the audience engaged while providing the knowledge they need to switch their mindset and reach ultimate success.  Her high energy, compassion, humor and no nonsense delivery has won her a 99.2% success rate on her audience surveys. 

There is no doubt that the audience will connect on an emotional level, but leave the event feeling inspired, knowledgeable and equipped to start implementing immediate steps and strategies to enable massive action and change. 

"Communication is the direct link to the quality of our lives.  I get to the heart of each audience member and not only wake up their mind, but teach them how to gain ultimate control of their thoughts, decisions, focus, and life."


"I have been to over 35 corporate events with keynote speakers and Toni was by far the most transformative.  She keeps you laughing, she is direct and clear, she breaks everything down simply and gets intense when needed.  I was so impressed I continued by joining her online programs.  Since then, I have improved my home life with my wife, improved my relationships with my kids and also have had two promotions."  Lawrence W.

"Toni blew my mind.  She came out on that stage and command the room like I have never seen before.  She was not expected in the sense that she connected on a much more personal level.  I felt motivated but in a new way.  The type of motivation that did not disappear hours later.  She left a mark.  I have implemented many of her steps and my life has changed greatly.  On a personal note, I have lost 67 lbs. and made a career change. I am not only happy going into work, but I am making more money.  And the best part of all, I now know how to control my life and all the outcomes I want."  Julia M

"Toni rocks!  I learned more in 45 minutes listening to Toni than the years of soul searching, workshops and seminars I signed up for.   I brought along my 14 year old daughter who has sine become one of Toni's clients.  My daughter adores her and has learned empowerment in a time of her life that could be traumatic.  My entire family participates in her online programs and she has single handedly changed our lives for the better."  Kelly G.

"We were hosting a team building/employee event and I booked Coach Toni.  She spoke for 90 minutes and the entire audience boo'ed when her time was up because they wanted her to continue.  We bring her back twice a year to speak at each event.  Employee morale has increased, absenteeism has decreased and revenue is up.  Toni is incredible and I would encourage anyone to book her for their next event.  I am so happy I did!"  David J. 

WHy Toni

"Toni simply makes sense"

Toni is passionate about her lives work and shows up with energy, excitement and clarity.

"I walked away with a plan on how to take massive action and control my life"

Toni knows how to connect with her audience and bring out a level of enthusiasm and direction to each listener. 

"Toni had every student in the assembly smiling"

In the Media:

Toni has been featured on  Fox5 NYC, FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia, ABC Morning Show, ESPN 2 HOT SPOTS, Bravo TV as highlighted Celebrity Coach and multiple training videos. 

In Writing:

 Sports Out Loud, Mind over body,  2011-2016

Compete Magazine,  Monthly Feature 2012-2017

Philly Fitness, Think and Be it  2014, 2016

On the Air:

Podcast Net One, Know how and become  2016

Toni is currently in development for Get Real, life and performance coaching.