how to transform your Team's performance immediately

"The session really helped identify tools to expand our sales and increase our client base."

"I learned simple, executable strategies that I can use immediately to help my team."  

" This workshop was full of energy, enthusiasm, logic, simplicity and priceless knowledge.  I learned how to take immediate action towards massive growth."  

Master Peak Performance Coach, Coach Toni

Success is 80% psychology

and 20% mechanics.  During your Workshop, we will show you how to turn your average producers into superstars.

For a limited time only, Get Real is offering you and your team the opportunity to receive a private workshop at your office with a Master Peak Performance Strategist.  


Create immediate shifts in your TEAM.  How can you get your team to transition from simply knowing what to do to actually doing it and producing explosive results for you company?  In just one hour, your peak performance workshop can create immediate impact on your team. During this sessions, your team will:

- Learn the three actions they absolutely MUST take to be successful in any area of their lives, including business.

- Destroy the two obstacles that are dramatically LIMITING THEIR GROWTH.

- Discover the FASTEST method to rapidly increase growth.

- Master a proven record for tripling referrals in any interaction.

- Develop an UNSHAKEABLE mindset to gain the competitive advantage in the industry.


Most people think of success as simply finding the right strategy.  Here's the REAL truth, there are a million strategies out there, the key is finding the most effective strategy for YOUR team- what works for some may not work for you.  We will challenge your team to break through limitations and CREATE A STRATEGIC PLAN for results and absolute success.  Everyone has a business plan, but if you fail to plan strategically, you have planned to fail.  And failure is simply not an option. 


The very things that brought your company to where it is, won't take it to the next level.  Take a look at your team.  How many calls are being made daily?  What percentage of those calls close deals?  Are you generating referrals?  Are those referrals converting to new clients?  How would you rate your team's customer service?  the truth is, most people know what to do, but they aren't effectively applying what they know.  It's time for you to TAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES from "knowing what to do" to actually doing it.  By applying our strategies, you and your team will learn how to optimize time and effort in order to maximize and yield greater results.  


Did you know that 80% of success in business AND life depends on your mindset?  80%!  Failure breeds failure.  Success breads success.  If you start with a belief system that stresses what you can't do, as a result you will have only tapped into a limited amount of your potential- diminishing your results.  In order to take your business to the next level, your team must have a shift in psychology.  That shift happens with  us!  Our strategy is a proven system that will MOTIVATE, EMPOWER and IGNITE that winning fore in each and every on of your employees  Bring about real change in your organization and create a championship mindset that translates into powerful action, where your team is working harder and smarter- totally invested in becoming its best.  

Did you know...

More than 60%

of salespeople miss their sales goals? 

50% of Sales

go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect?

80% of your sales

come from 20% of your sales force and that only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals? 

The average

salesperson makes two attempts to contact prospects, while 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact?

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